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Discover the opportunity to access up to R300,000 in grants, for your business through SETA Grant Submissions and more!

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Skills Development & Employment Equity Compliance

  1. Initial Assessment: Our Skills Development Facilitator will assess your business needs.
  2. SETA Liaison: We will liaise with SETA to determine the applicable grants and window periods for your business.
  3. Grant Submissions: Prepare and submit both discretionary and mandatory grant applications.
  4. Compliance Check: Ensure your business is compliant with the relevant Acts.

Online Training LMS

  1. Account Setup: We will set up your Learning Management System (LMS) account.
  2. Course Selection: Choose from 140+ available courses for your employees or unemployed individuals.
  3. Monitoring: Track progress and performance through the LMS.
  4. Certification: Participants who score 60% or higher will receive an international completion certificate.

Electronic Legislative Policies and Procedures

  1. Initial Setup: Provide you with the first set of electronic legislative policies and procedures.
  2. Updates: Every 4 months or as legislative changes occur, updated files will be sent.

General Administrative Steps

  1. Billing: You will be billed a monthly premium of R1500 plus a once-off registration/admin fee of R1000.
  2. Customer Support: You can reach us at +27105903040 for any inquiries or assistance.

Get benefits to
SETA Grant Claims,Mandatory Grant Submissions, Discretionary Grants,Business LMS, Legislative Policies

  •  Gain expert assistance with Skills Development and Employment Equity Compliance in South Africa, helping your business avoid legal penalties.

  •  Receive help with SETA discretionary and Mandatory grant submissions. This can result in training intervention grants up to R300 000 per year.

  •  Experience streamlined coordination between your business and SETA through our in-house Skills Development Facilitator.

  •  Secure assistance with the unpredictable SETA window periods, improving your chance of successful grant applications.

  •  Access our online training system at www.skillsglobaltraining.com, featuring 140+ courses for your employees.

  •  Have the ability to train unemployed individuals through our online system at no extra cost to your business.

  •  All of our online courses are self-paced and accessible through any internet-connected device.

  •  Earn an international completion certificate for each course participant who scores 60% or more.

  •  Keep up-to-date with legislative policies and procedures in your sector, with electronic files provided every 4 months or as updates occur.

  •  Receive these policies, such as PAIA manuals, at a value of up to R40 000 annually, included in the service package.

  •  Many More!

Our Expert Services


Discretionary Grant Submissions

SETA Discretionary Grants serve as financial aid provided by South Africa’s Sector Education and Training Authorities (SETAs). These grants, of up to R300,000, support companies in facilitating and enhancing their employees’ skills development.

At Developcore, we assist businesses in applying for these grants. We scrutinize their training programs to ensure they meet SETA’s stringent requirements.

We manage the entire grant submission process. This service provides a seamless and effective pathway for businesses to reduce employee training costs and improve the outcomes of their training initiatives.

Core Services

Our Partners

Developcore has established partnerships with SkillsNew (Pty) Ltd and SkillsGlobal (Pty) Ltd. Our collaboration brings together years of experience and expertise in the skills development sector. This allows us to deliver high-quality solutions tailored to all your skills development needs.

Our offerings include assistance with SETA Discretionary Grant Submissions, Business Skills Analysis, and SDL Claims. We also provide E-Learning Platforms and Compliance Services. Our team of experts is dedicated to supporting you in reaching your objectives.

Our collective commitment is to contribute to the growth of South African businesses by delivering top-tier skills development services.



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Working with Developcore, SkillsNew, and SkillsGlobal was an excellent experience. Their expertise in SETA grant submission proved invaluable, helping my business secure much-needed funding for our training and development efforts. The process they implemented was smooth and efficient, characterized by their team's extensive knowledge and proactive assistance. For businesses aiming to elevate their skills development strategies, I wholeheartedly recommend Developcore and its partners. Their services have proven to be a game-changer for us.

Miss Luandi

Staff Manager

Our business has been using the compliance services provided by Developcore, SkillsNew, and SkillsGlobal for more than a year. The results have far exceeded our expectations. Their team has expertly guided us through intricate regulations, ensuring that we always stay current with the most recent policies and procedures. In addition, their e-learning platform has significantly benefited our employees. It offers easy access to training and certification courses, which has proven to be extremely valuable for our staff's development. For businesses aiming to bolster their compliance and training efforts, we strongly recommend the services of Developcore and its partners. Their comprehensive solutions have made a substantial difference to our business.

Richard J. Reinhold

Business Manager

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